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Celebrating one Year since Brandon Stanton


On this day i walked out of the bus station at the New York Port authority heading towards 40th street and 8th avenue, dressed in my Kimono Reversible jacket which were one of he pieces from my graduation collection. I walked in the middle of thousands of people but i walked majestically partly gazing at the ceiling with a wry smile on my face. In my head i was totally unperturbed as i could feel i was in another world yet struggling on earth waiting for the things i had already received spiritually to be manifest in the physical.

As i walked in the middle of the crowd i saw someone walking towards me or i walked towards him i cannot remember – we walked toward each other. There was a force drawing us towards each other. Maybe just our smiling at each other.

This man smiling broadly at me said ” Hi! i am Brandon Santon. I am the founder of Humans of NY. I smiled, sighed, gave him the side eye and said “You are lying – I was just on your blog a few days ago encouraging a young man who had been traumatised by the movie industry in New York.”

I could relate with this guys story because that is exactly how i felt being in the fashion industry in New York City. I was right on this page encouraging him.

He smiled and said ” Oh yes! that’s my blog and from the way i see you i think you have some stories you can share with me.”

In my head i was like where do i begin! Like are you sure you want to hear my stories! I have a million of them and some very painful but encouraging.

Well that was the beginning of a new day in my life. I spoke to Brandon for almost an 1hr and 30 mins.


I cannot even remember all the stories i told him but i was too amazed at how he typed up every single thing i said on his Iphone. We talked we hugged we hi- fived.

Honestly i felt like i was talking to an angel.Very soft spoken , calm, gentle, and he directed the conversation to where he wanted.At the end he told me ” You know you are going to blow up after i put up your story “I laughed but i am not sure i really understood what that implied. I hugged him as he ran off for his book signing at the library.

As the hours progress i am going to be giving you more information as we prepare to celebrate my one year of having been featured in Humans of New York.What happened before during and who i am today thanks to HONY.

Please stay tuned.


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