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Kibonen on Humans of New York – The Story


(1/3) “I used to work at a bank in Cameroon. I designed clothing as a hobby, but I never really saw it as a possible profession. There really is no such thing as a ‘fashion designer’ in Cameroon. If you make clothes, you are known as a ‘seamstress.’ When I arrived in America, I realized that it was possible to pursue a career in fashion. At first I tried to become as Western as possible. I tried to change my accent. I wore extensions and straightened my hair. I started wearing high-end name brands. But when I finally went back to Cameroon for a visit, I was able to see my country with new eyes. I’d always viewed the culture as local and primitive because it was all I’d ever known. But having gotten some distance, I could appreciate its beauty. As soon as I got back to America, I cut my hair and sewed myself a traditional dress. I wore the dress to my job at Saks 5th Avenue, and a customer asked me where she could find it in the store. That gave me so much confidence.”



(2/3) “It began to seem like my destiny was to be a fashion designer. So many things started happening for me. I started studying fashion at the Art Institute. I was invited to show at Fashion Week in South Africa. I won an award for emerging designers. Then right before graduation, the greatest thing of all happened. I got an email from my favorite actress’s stylist. You have to understand how much I loved this actress. I used to daydream about being her best friend. She was my inspiration. She was the model I used for all my sketches. And now she wanted to wear one of my dresses during a trip to Kenya! The stylist requested that I send ten samples to choose from. I borrowed $5,000 to make the dresses. I worked for weeks. I couldn’t sleep. I even skipped my final portfolio presentation to deliver the samples. I told everyone: my friends, my professors, and even the president of my school. Everyone hugged me and said: ‘We aren’t surprised. You have so much talent. You were meant for greatness!’ Over the next few weeks, I refreshed the actress’s website all day long, waiting to see my dress.”


(3/3) “I had to go back to everyone I knew and tell them that the actress decided not to wear my clothes. The stylist sent back all ten pieces. I was so embarrassed. I felt like a failure. I got so depressed that I had to move out of the city for a few months and live with my sister in Maryland. I’ve been doing a lot of praying and going to church. And I feel at peace now. I think that God knew I wasn’t ready for success. If my career had taken off then, I’d have thought it was from my own strength. I was feeling too proud. I needed to remember where my talent came from. I’ve been praying so much. And I’m in a good place now. I’m ready to start moving forward again. And it’s really unbelievable that I just ran into you. Because I just came into the city for the afternoon to buy some fabric.”

Kibonen’s FB page: Kibonen NY

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ON FACEBOOK We had a total of 543.200 Likes – 13.300 comments

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On INSTAGRAM a total of 369.000 Likes – 4.426 Comments

I sit here looking at this and rereading this story. Looking at the statistics too – it’s like a dream but as the days go by it is sinking – it is a reality! As i grow i have learnt that your testimonies are not for you- your testimonies are not even about making money. Your Testimonies are for OTHERS. Whatever “others” is i am still crafting it.

This experience transformed my life financially and also spiritually. It made know publicity in the fashion industry translates to sales. It also made me know that a copelling, genuine and authentic story sells. However it also made me believe without doubt the integrity of God’s words. This did not happen to me because i am the most amazing person – NO.

When i took time off to get to know God  I decided to seek deep into why i was created. I learnt how to take advantage of why i was created and i learned how to pray the right prayers to God. I learnt how to dedicate my business to the creator.

This is the same like when i took time off to perfect my craft as a fashion designer, I went back to school as an adult and sacrificed so much to benefit from it completely.

One of my main prayers when i started having the right answers and i was having deep revelations of the word of God, I said this prayer – “Father Lord Let my life be a testimony to those who do not believe in you.”

There i was in one day had my phone beeping all day with purchases made on my website and my website crashed several times.

How can this be ignored?

I had my inbox flooded with touching messages. These messages compelled me to include another aspect of my existence – help people get out of their crossroads using the word of God just as i did when i was faced with the same crossroads and depression.

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It’s a new day

This compelled me to developped a new blog where i passionately express my growth and where i will over the days be developping and giving more content to this other aspect of my life. How i got out of my crossroads and what exactly happenned. #Spreading

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